Glass jars and bottles are typically capped with metal Twist-Off caps with a diameter range of 27 to 110 mm in standardized preset gradients.INDEX-6® has manufactured and installed over 400 Twist-Off cappers in various parts of the world. The automatic Twist-Off capper range includes five main models in two fundamental groups. The belt-type capping mechanism machines group comprises the IND-Close 12 M for up to 6000 containers per hour, IND-Close 12E for up to 12000 containers per hour and IND-Close 12ME for up to 18000 containers per hour. These machines can process caps of the entire size range 27-110 mm. For moderate production speeds and caps sized 43 to 110 mm we offer the two models of the roller-type capping mechanism group. The IND-Close 14M for up to 5000 containers per hour and the IND-Close 14E for up to 8000 containers per hour.

Limitless flexibility can be achieved by equipping the line with several different capping machines (e.g. for Twist-off caps, screw caps, press-on caps and others).

To close with plastic screw caps we recommendtheIND-Close 11 and IND-Close 22 capping machine series, equipped with hysteresis technology magnetic capping heads, and Pick & Place system. This provides precise adjustment of the scewing torque and in turn guarantees a combination of secure closure with easy opening. The machines are equipped with 1 to 15 capping heads thereby covering a wide output range . Challenging screw cap designs are handled by positive gripping pincers assembled on the capping heads.