Rotary Filling Systems

The INDEX-6® rotaryfilling machines for dense products are designed to handle a wide range of containers and products. They operate on the principle of volumetric or weight dosing. High vacuum level fillers are available especially for mayonnaise.The INDEX-6® range of fillers with volumetric dosing covers filling speeds of up to 18 000 cph (containers per hour) and container volumes of 150 to 5000 ml. The volumetric piston fillers are equippedwith a mechanical cam and motorized machineadjustment to the containersheight and the filled volume.

As an optional feature the pistons can be automatically extricated from the cylinders to further improve automatic CIP and SIP washing results. This comes in addition to the special spray and jet nozzles,collection tray for the washing fluid, andrecirculation pump.

The immaculate precision and sealed hygienic design of the weight sensors coalesce with the patentedsanitary sealless filling valve to achieve a new level of hygiene in ketchup filling.Washing and sterilization is facilitated by the lock-zone free design of the entire product path. The INDEX-6 ® weight fillers range comprises solutions for outputs of 4,000 to 16,000 containers per hour. When integrated in a multiblocsystemthese can develop to an ULTRA CLEAN environment filling system, providing the sterilization of containers and caps and conditioned filling and capping zone.