Linear Filling Systems

The INDEX-6® linear machines forfilling of dense products have proven their reliability through the years gaining share in a wide range of low and moderate capacities – from 1000 to 6000 containers per hour. They provideconsiderableflexibilitytowardscontainers and products withfacile readjustment forvariousbottle and jar shapes (plastic, glass, metal) with no need of expensive tools and format parts. The volumetric filling bolsteredby the preciseelectronic measurement offlow meters or the fine movement of pistons in dosing cylinders is applicable toa wide range of tomato and oil based products such as ketchup, tomato paste, dressing sauces, mayonnaise, etc., with variousviscosity and brix values.

The dosing mechanism ofthe linear piston machines can be both mechanically and pneumatically driven. The solid mechanical version is particularly reliable as it is practically irrelevant to the varying viscosity of the filled products. In order to prevent the formation of air gaps or pockets in the product during the filling process, the filling nozzles of the machine sink down into the container and start moving up in parallel with the product level. The synchronization of the speeds of the sinking nozzles motion and the filling speed is performed by a mechanical cam or a servo motor.

The product itself can be fedto the machine by either a special pump or by overpressure in the buffer tank of the machine, guaranteeing theaccurate dosing and quick filling.