Capping mechanism

The twist-off cap closing machines for glass bottles and jars incorporate two different capping mechanisms:

- a disk-type capping mechanism is utilized by theIND–Close 14 series;
- a belt-type capping mechanism is utilized by the IND–Close 12 series;

Containers used for ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings and other similar products are of a wide variety of materials, shape and closures. INDEX-6® has therefore developed a range of capping machinery for an output spectrum of 2000 to 18000 containers per hour. Depending on the choice of container and cap several capping systems may be applied. A differential mechanism reliably transmits the capping torque is reliably transmitted from the mechanical drive to the hysteresis magnetic capping clutches. Steplesstorqueadjustment is provided in the range of 0,8 to 5 Nm.

Caps orientation and their regular supply are secured by anvariety of cap feeders in combination with a Pick & Place system. Caps are gripped on the outside by either self-locking grippers or active gripping pincers, depending on the complexity of their shape. When cap orientation towards the container is required, the INDEX-6® servo drivencapping mechanisms and vision system are used.
Linear cap orientator and feeder with integrated cap treatment device utilizing UV light or sterilization solutions.
Quick cap release system to easily remove the remaining caps from the feeder and the cap path when changing to another cap colour.